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Each year we produce 3 editions of Queensland Women's Health Network News, which is distributed to health and community organisations and individual women throughout Queensland. Each edition is dedicated to a specific health theme, and most articles are written by women working in the field, which enables them to share their knowledge and concerns on the many issues surrounding women's health.



QWHN News Editions for 2015 (PDFs available far below):

Issue #1 - 'Menopause'

Issue #2 - 'Discrimination'

Issue #3 - 'Women and Dementia'


Does your health or community organisation have expertise in these or related fields? If so, are you interested in writing an article for our next newsletter? Please email us at coordinator@qwhn.asn.au for contributor guidelines and edition deadlines.


If you would like to regularly receive each printed edition of our newsletter, as well as email bulletins about important events and developments, and keep in touch with other women's views on current issues, why not consider becoming a member of QWHN? Please visit our Membership page for more information.



If you would like to receive a FREE printed copy of our latest newsletter, please email us at coordinator@qwhn.asn.au and include your current postal address. Electronic versions of previous newsletters can be viewed below.

current and Previous Editions of Queensland Women's Health Network News are available here (PDF):



QWHN News 'Menopause' 1-2015

QWHN News 'Discrimination' 2-2015

QWHN News 'Dementia' 3-2015



QWHN News 'Homelessness' 2014.pdf

QWHN News 'Cancer' 2014.pdf

QWHN News 'Safety' 2014.pdf



QWHN News 'Physical Activity' Dec2013.pdf

QWHN News 'Anxiety&Depression' Aug2013.pdf

QWHN News 'Ageing' Apr2013.pdf



QWHN News 'Violence' Dec2012.pdf

QWHN News 'Aboriginal Women's Health' Aug2012.pdf

QWHN News 'Alcohol' Apr2012.pdf



QWHN News 'Diabetes' Dec2011.pdf

QWHN News 'Sexual Health' Aug2011.pdf

QWHN News 'Tobacco' Apr2011.pdf



QWHN News Dec 2010: 'Torres Strait Islander W's Health'.pdf

QWHN News Aug 2010: 'Immigrant & Refugee W's Health'.pdf

QWHN News April 2010: 'W & Addiction - Gambling'.pdf



QWHN News December 2009: 'Breast Health'.pdf

QWHN News August 2009: 'Women & Obesity'.pdf

QWHN News April 2009: 'Women & Poverty'.pdf



QWHN News December 2008: 'Women & Disability(2)'.pdf

QWHN News August 2008: 'Women & Prison'.pdf

QWHN News April 2008: 'Women & Disability(1)'.pdf



QWHN News Dec 2007: 'More Preventative Health Strategies'.pdf

QWHN News August 2007: 'Preventative Health Strategies'.pdf

QWHN News May 2007: 'Sexual Violence'.pdf




  "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) British writer.

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